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Ugo has been involved in Virgin Money’s drive for “Everyone is Better Off” which aims to enhance some of the core traits for their Customers, Corporate Partners, Company Brand, Colleagues and the Community. He is also helping get Virgin Money involved in the BAME communities that surround their business locations and has recently been given the role as Ethnicity lead for a new bank-wide affinity group. He coordinates cultural festival celebrations across multiple locations, including Diwali, Chinese New Year and Black History month. Ugo also created an Ethnicity Network in 2017 across the bank, that currently has 50+ members across all band levels in the business. He is currently part of work being done with NICOT (Nigerian Igbo Community in Teesside) building a partnership with them to deliver empowerment programmes for their young adults, children, and older mums who have been in the country, but struggled to marry their African culture with the UK culture.

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