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Ugo is the co-executive sponsor of Accenture’s African Caribbean Network where she actively represents the interests of the 360+ employee members at UK Board level. She has been an active member of the network, sponsoring annual events and spearheading conversation around BAME development activities. She has worked with leadership on the broader diversity & inclusion agenda to further the retention, progression and development of Black talent, co-sponsoring the ethnicity D&I workstream in the legal function. Ugo spearheaded a series of workshops for colleagues, where she led discussions around the challenges and opportunities for BAME legal professionals in the work place. She also lends her time to the D&I agenda by passionately sharing her ‘Colour Brave’ story (available on YouTube), and speaking regularly at Accenture events. Ugo works with a number of schemes to mentor ethnically diverse small business owners, including the joint Accenture MSDUK Innovation Hub. She has spoken about D&I issues for HuffPost and the House of Commons, and has co-hosted roundtable discussions with law firms and clients about why it is necessary to make an impactful change in the ethnicity and gender space, how we can achieve this and why it makes good moral, social and business sense.

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