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For the first 14 years of her career, Usha was directly involved in combatting discrimination, promoting diversity and equality of opportunity as a Conciliation Officer with the former Race Relations Board and then as the Chief Executive of the Runnymede Trust. In all the jobs she has done promotion of equality of opportunity and inclusiveness have been an integral part and these active efforts have continued throughout her career.  Currently as a non- executive director of Nationwide she has taken lead responsibility in diversity and inclusion. As Deputy Chair of British Council she had ensured that diversity is high on the agenda. Through a variety of voluntary activities, Usha has promoted inclusiveness. She has taken an active role in promoting legislation to combat discrimination and promote equality. She has undertaken extensive speaking engagements to promote better understanding of what steps need to be taken to make workplaces more inclusive and tackle systemic inequalities. She also mentors and her advice is often sought on ‘inclusive workplace practices’. Usha was awarded CBE in 1994 and a peerage in 1999. 

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